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How to Migrate OrangeHRM to a New Server

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OrangeHRM is the human resource management (HRIS) solution that widely use worldwide. OrangeHRM, that is available both as an open source and an advanced hosted application (SaaS).

This is step by step OrangeHRM Migration to a new server. It is very tricky because I use it as ordinary user without paid support from orangeHRM. I am using OrangeHRM latest version 3.3.2 (community edition) with XAMPP v7.0.2

Make sure, the version of XAMPP between old server and new server is same.

This is step by step solution:

  1. First step is: STOP Apache websever service via XAMPP control panel
  2. Copy orangeHRM directory from old server to new server. I used to locate it in C:\xampp\htdocs\orangehrm.
  3. Copy that directory to new server
  4. Dumb (export to SQL) each table in orangehrm_mysql database. You can use Navicat or PHPMyAdmin.


5. Next step is to initiate/reinstall OrangeHRM innew server. We will use step by step installation process. After copy orangehrm directory to the new server, first delete these cache directory/file:

- symfony/cache/orangehrm

- lib/confs/Conf.php

- symfony/config/databases.yml

6. Open browser, and type: http://localhost/orangehrm/install.php and then the installation process run. You can choose new database creation e.g orangehrm_mysql

7.  After installation process finished, next step is import dumb SQL file from step no.4 . You can user PHPMyAdmin to import each SQL dump file.

Note: I never dumb table: hs_hr_config table. I don’t know if import this table, my orangehrm returns error. I think you should import table that contain data. You can ignore/skip empty table  in import process


8. After importing table it is Done. You can check your migrate OrangeHRM.

Hope this helps!


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