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Aikido Practice Tonight: Yokomenuchi Advanced

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My first aikido practice on 2014. Yokomenuchi variation. Footstep: Aihanmi.

1. Yokomenuchi ikkyo: omote, ura
2. Yokomenuchi nikkyo: omote, ura
3. Yokomenuchi sankyo: omote, ura
4. Yokomenuchi Yonkyo: omote, ura

Here are the videos:
1. Yokomenuchi ikkyo: omote, ura:

2. Yokomenuchi nikkyo: omote, ura:

3. Yokomenuchi sankyo: omote, ura:

4. Yokomenuchi Yonkyo: omote, ura:

Written by isal

4 January 2014 at 22:59

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