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6th Kyu Aikido Exam Test

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omote = in front
ura= Rear. Behind
Nage= throw or thrower

Exam no. 1:  ikkyo -> ryote dori (omote & ura)
Ikkyo= First hold. wrist & elbow control
ryote dori= hold both wrists

Exam no. 2 : nikkyo -> ryote dori (omote & ura).
Exam no. 3 : nikkyo -> shomen uchi (omote & ura).
Nikkyo= Second hold. Bend wrist
Shomen uchi= Striking forehead (vertically down)

Exam no. 4: tenchi Nage -> ryote dori (omote & ura).
Tenchi Nage= Heaven & earth throw

Exam no. 5: irimi nage -> shomen uchi
irimi nage= Entering throw

Exam no 6: ShiHO nage -> shomen uchi
ShiHO nage= Four direction throw

Exam No 7: uchi kaiten nage -> katate dori
uchi= inner
Kaiten nage= Rotary throw
katate dori= hold one wrist

Happy learning… happy exam!

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9 March 2013 at 12:59

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