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IBM xSeries 206 (8482) The Legend

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IBM xSeries 206 (8482)
Model : 21X
Original description: P4 1x 3.0GHz/200-800MHz (1MB L2 cache), 1x 512MB ECC, 0x HDD(Open bay, hot-swap), SVGA, ATI, Ultra320 SCSI, parallel IDE controllers, 48x CD-ROM (IDE), diskette drive, 1GB Ethernet controller
Duty On : April 2005

IBM xSeries 206 (8482)
Model : 41A
Original description: P4 3.2GHz/200-800MHz (1MB L2 Cache), 1x 512MB 400MHz SDRAM DIMM, 0x 0GB HDD (open bay), Ultra320 SCSI, 48x-20x IDE CD-ROM drive, Integrated Gigabit Ethernet, ATI (16MB) SVGA video
Duty On : November 2005

Taken From : http://bit.ly/aJMfvS

Written by isal

23 June 2010 at 22:21

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