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Fascinating Foods

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Today I had a fascinating food experience. This luch I have eat with some fascinating food at a warteg near my Office. I eat with :

  • A plate of rice (of course)
  • Bandeng fish bumbu kuning
  • Tempe orek
  • Semur Jengkok
  • Krupuk

Especially semur jengkol, it reminds me with my childhood when I was in elementary school (SD). My mom every week alwyas cook this favorite food. Hhhmm I really enjoy to eat two pieces of jengkol..

I’m happy that the price all of these food is not expensive. It’s only Rp. 8000 (~0.9 USD). Well I hope these food give me some enrgy for my work.. Thanks GOD for this blessing today..

Written by isal

21 May 2010 at 18:24

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  1. wkwkwkwk… eating the “special food”…..

    beware…smell smell not good…hahahahaha *


    25 May 2010 at 15:27

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