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2007 Technology of The Year : Best Open Source Solution

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Dapet kabar dari rekan mailing IPCop bahwa Infowold telah merilis telknologi award untuk bebaerapa mainstream solusi seperti open source, Application, Networking, Storage, dll.

Nih ini dia list-nya :

  • Best Open source in Application
  • Best Open Source in Networking
    • VoIP telephony: Asterisk (IP PBX Alterantif)
    • Streaming media: Azureus Vuze
    • Directory server: Open Directory
    • Network protocol analyzer: Wireshark (hacker banyak pake ini, sebelumnya namanya Ethereal)
    • Wireless network sniffer: Kismet (untuk nyari sinyal Wireless)
  • Best of open source in security
    • Network vulnerability scanner: Nessus
    • Network intrusion prevention: Snort
    • Anti-virus gateway: ClamAV
    • Anti-spam gateway: Spamassassin
    • Firewall: IPCop (saya sudah pake 2 tahun sampai sekarang)
    • Application firewall: SELinux
    • VPN: Open VPN
    • Security testing best practices: Open Source Security Testing Methodology Manual (OSSTM)
  • Best of open source in storage
    • File system: Zettabyte File System (ZFS)
    • NAS server: FreeNAS (bagus banget buat Storage Area Network)
    • Storage networking software: AoE Tools
    • Block I/O benchmarking: Iometer
    • File I/O benchmarking: IOzone
  • Best of open source in software development
  • Best of open source in platforms and middleware

Untuk detailnya silahkan visit : http://www.infoworld.com/archives/t.jsp?N=o

Posting berikutnya akan dibahas 2007 Infoworld Best Technology untuk solusi komersil.

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13 September 2007 at 15:55

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